2015 marked change as INTRO/NY was located within designjunction's first full-size US show, housed in the ArtBeam warehouse venue in the heart of Chelsea. Paul Valentine, founder and owner of smallpond, and creative director of designjunction's 2015 US show, curated INTRO/NY with a spotlight on Los Angeles based designers to signal the launch of INTRO/LA on May 29th, 2015. 

Brendan Ravenhill & Peter Shire, Calico Wallpaper, Natasha Wheat, Torbjorn Vejvi, waka waka, William Plunkett by twentytwentyone, and wrk-shp.


INTRO/LA - INTRO/LA 2016 - 150514_designjunctionNY2015_0377-Edit
INTRO/LA - INTRO/LA 2016 - 150514_designjunctionNY2015_0350
INTRO/LA - INTRO/LA 2016 - 150514_designjunctionNY2015_0355
INTRO/LA - INTRO/LA 2016 - 150514_designjunctionNY2015_0357
INTRO/LA - INTRO/LA 2016 - 150514_designjunctionNY2015_0363
INTRO/LA - INTRO/LA 2016 - 150514_designjunctionNY2015_0367