2015 marked change as INTRO/NY was located within designjunction's first full-size US show, housed in the ArtBeam warehouse venue in the heart of Chelsea. Paul Valentine, founder and owner of smallpond, and creative director of designjunction's US show, curated INTRO/NY with a spotlight on Los Angeles based designers to signal the launch of INTRO/LA on May 29th, 2015. 

Brendan Ravenhill & Peter Shire, Calico Wallpaper, Natasha Wheat, Torbjorn Vejvi, waka waka, William Plunkett by twentytwentyone, and wrk-shp.


INTRO/LA - INTRO/LA 2016 - 150514_designjunctionNY2015_0377-Edit
INTRO/LA - INTRO/LA 2016 - 150514_designjunctionNY2015_0350
INTRO/LA - INTRO/LA 2016 - 150514_designjunctionNY2015_0355
INTRO/LA - INTRO/LA 2016 - 150514_designjunctionNY2015_0357
INTRO/LA - INTRO/LA 2016 - 150514_designjunctionNY2015_0363
INTRO/LA - INTRO/LA 2016 - 150514_designjunctionNY2015_0367